Brandy Jefferys

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Brandy Jefferys

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I am an artist living in Huntington, WV. Nestled in the bosom of Appalachia, I paint & draw the people, places & things around me. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2012 at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio.

For me, the joy in creating lies in the very acts of looking at my subject and the interpretation into color and form. The solving of a visual puzzle and honing of your skills are what keeps me making art. I’m inspired by the people, places & things around me, their connections to each other & the emotions they evoke.

When I’m not making art, you’ll find me cooking up deliciousness in the kitchen, watching professional wrestling or the Cincinnati Reds game, or cuddlin’ with my kitties & binging on Netflix.

I am available for lessons, workshops, and commissions.

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